Overview of Digital Signage

At present, the digital television industry is in a stage of rapid development, more and more radio and television operators began to pay attention to the development of digital TV value added services.
AEC Digital Signage Solution build digital enterprise / government information publishing platform based on mass media operation platform, multimedia LCD screen as display terminal, it control through the backoffice to release a variety of digital information, thus improve the efficiency of enterprise information publishing, also intuitive dynamic LED publicity can greatly enhanced consumers’ knowledge on
corporate / government

AEC Digital Signage

Local Management and Broadcast Control
Media resources can be stored in the local file, while the daily advertising broadcast tasks and plans are also stored locally, local autonomy can be implemented to manage and control broadcast.
Content Management
Contents includes: video, text, and images, it supports the following functions:
  • Content upload, audit, distribution and classification
  • Any content can be previewed under the same interface, and it can also be enlarge or reduced
Strong Network Management
  • Real time alarm monitoring: support for realtime alarm display, alarm sound and light tips
  • When the solution appears abnormal, the administrator will continue to receive tip information until the problem is being solved
Program Production, Release and Audit
  • System support non real time content audit, audit including the quality and the legitimacy of the contents, only the contents passed the audit are allowed to publish
  • Select the material and add it to a predefined area, the size of which can be adapted to the corresponding region
Professional Functions
  • Combine information editing, transmission, broadcast , terminal management and real time monitoring effectively, with complete, professional set of functions, can fully meet the needs of different industries & different users
Flexible Management Model
  • Unique partition group management mode, support remote or local remote control, allowing users to easily manage a large number of playback terminal
  • AEC Digital Signage Solution using open standard system architecture and it is a integrated system of flexible & scalable
Split Screen Display
Support dynamic split screen, the screen can be divided into a number of areas, each area shows different media resources

Grouping Management
All of the terminals can be grouped, each group at least has1 terminals After grouping, the system can give commands to each group individually, each group can be broadcasted and managed independently

Terminal Management
  • Support terminal management, including grouping, sorting, additions and deletions of information
  • Can monitor the terminal play content, mainly graphics mode, that is to say, the current broadcast program can be played at the server
Super High Stability
  • Embedded design, in void computer virus attacks, plug then play make it safe and reliable
  • AEC Digital Signage Solution provides a complete solution of fault detection, alarm and processing mechanisms, equipment in the business process after crash can be automatically reset, the various components provided data backup and can make rapid recovery
Strong Scalability
  • Relying on the network platform, using the distributed design, the number of players can be freely set. And the open solution interface make it easy to integrate information and control system
  • AEC Digital Signage Solution is suitable for large scale business needs, while supporting the smooth expansion of small scale to large scale systems


Case : Hospitality Digital Signage System
Hospitality Digital Signage Solution with high quality encoding video, audio, picture information and subtitles rolling transmitted to the advertising machine player box by internet, it provides us real time news, weather forecast, property notice, instant messages promptly

Solution Composition
The Hospitality Digital Signage Solution are composed of below 4 parts

The Play Management center
  • Center was made of playing management station, server & media workstation.
  • The administrator can realize the centralized management and control of the system, such as material management, program editor, program content transmission and real time monitoring broadcast through the network

The Network Platform
  • Can be a variety of network transmission lines, including Ethernet, DDN, WLAN, ADSL, CDMA, GPRS, etc

The play box
  • Play box using a single chip embedded solution design, play once plugged in, will not be infected with virus or crash
  • The device supports a variety of audio/video and image formats, can achieve a combination of video, audio, pictures and scrolling subtitles and other multimedia information playback, and its broadcast can achieve high definition television quality

The display terminal
Including liquid crystal television (LCD), plasma display (PDP), LED large screen, CRT display, multi screen display wall and so on

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