AEC - DVB/OTT/IPTV/VOD Open Platform

If you are interest in starting an interactive television business? Ready to launch
a project that involves in DVB & IP technologies? You see the bright future of
DVB, OTT, IPTV and VOD markets and want to be a part of it while the market is
on the rise? AEC offers you the best cost effective comprehensive solution,
taking into account your technological possibilities, growth plans, and available

Do not be discouraged by unreasonable hardware and software investments.
The DVB, OTT, IPTV and VOD project can be deployed and launched with
minimum costs, therefore minimum risks. AEC‘s comprehensive AEC Solution
can get your business up and running with minimum costs, while making sure
you have maximum system functionality and flexibility.

AEC Solution Components

MKT-2018 Home Gateway

AEC Middleware

  • For OTT/IPTV : Middleware server
  • For OTT: Transcoding and streaming servers
  • For VOD: Storage server

Streamers – freeware soft
Therefore, when launching your OTT/IPTV business project using AEC Solution,
you have to invest in only two components (subject to be discuss the business
model) : Servers (for Content Storage) and MKT-2018 Home Gateway

Key Benefits

MKT-2018 Home Gateway

Comprehensive solution

All the components of AEC Solution feature modern technical specifications and high reliability.

  • Current MKT-2018-4 DVB-S2,T2/C or ISDB-T Hybrid Tuner + OTT STB meet broadband operators’ technical requirements while being user friendly for the end customers are amongst the most successful on the market because of its high reliability and cost effectiveness.
  • AEC Middleware ensures DVB/IPTV/ OTT/VOD services functioning and management, remote administration, Set-Top Boxes’ monitoring, as well as recording subscribers’ actions and errors. Furthermore, AEC Middleware has an API, allowing third parties to make changes to it (e.g. applications for mobile devices, access and control systems etc.)
  • Our Transcoding (optional, video stream compression with the purpose of decreasing streaming media bit rate) and streaming (used for delivering video stream to end customers, especially OTT services customers) is installed and set up by AEC’s experts ensuring system operability and reliability. This platform can be scaled later when your business grows.


  • AEC Solution meets all current DVB/OTT/IPTV/VOD system requirements and
    supports services demanded by the market: IPTV channels, interactive programming
    guide, video on demand, time-shifted TV, recording on an external memory
    device, access to popular Internet services and social networks, karaoke,
    games, weather, etc.
  • AEC Middleware offers the possibility to control the users’ access to services,
    to create different tariffs, and TV packages.
  • Interactive TV services can be delivered via operator’s IPTV network, as well as via
    the Internet - OTT.
  • AEC Middleware offers the possibility of creating your own CDN allowing you to
    control VOD traffic (between Content Storages), as well as IPTV
    video streaming (between streaming servers).

Control and Flexibility

  • The system is based on AEC technologies allowing changes according to customer’s demands.
  • Any external components, included in the AEC Solution package (streaming / transcoding software) can be replaced by compatible solutions developed by third parties.
  • The system has documented API to facilitate integration with specific customer’s applications (e.g. OSS/BSS, CRM, etc.).
  • Multilingual support: Currently AEC Middleware is available in English, Thai, and Chinese. New languages can be added on demand (changes to the interface take minimum four weeks)